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Sudhir-BOU Case: Masembe's denial of having worked for the tycoon, despite documents, is plain 'conflict of interest'
Bonny Tamale
Posted: 5 months 1 week

The silent airwave of business news is surely about the fight between Sudhir and The Central Bank over Crane Bank.

Timothy Masembe (MMAKS) is one of the lawyers representing Bank of Uganda and he has recently come under the spotlight for having denied working for Sudhir.

On paper, it seemed like a civil duty for these lawyers to work for BOU and 'recover the tax payers money'. However, many of us tax payers had not yet gotten the full spin of it; and which rollercoaster seems to be daily taking an unsuspecting turn. 

Most notable of these turns was Sudhir's request to have the BOU lawyers off the case on the basis that they had previously worked for him. The lawyers however denied having represented Sudhir in anyway before we were slapped with documents indicating that MMAKS represneted Rosebud, Meera Investment, Speke Hotel and Crane Bank, in four seperate cases,  which are as recent as March 15, 2014. 

To this, Masembe said he was not working for Sudhir but Crane Bank and sought to distinguish between Sudhir and his companies that he was working for. He was quoted by Daily Monitor saying, "I have worked for Crane Bank and I still work for it but Sudhir is Sudhir, not those business entities.”

Now that's the Catch 22! 

Previously, these lawyers sought to prosecute Sudhir as a person, even if he pleaded that he was different from faults of Crane Bank but it now turns out that the same lawyers are turning around to separate the two, in an issue which invlolves them.

I am no lawyer but it is very clear that on account of “an advocate-client relationship and a fiduciary relationship”, MMAKS and Mpanga should not be representing BOU in this case but their denial shows in many ways; bias, inconsistency, greed and plain conflict of interest. 

**Bonny Tamale is a Digital Media Specialist working with NTV Uganda. Twitter: @b_tamale, Mobile: 0704818626 ,Email:

However, tomorrow, 13th September is a very big day for this specific story because, yet again, I am sure I will be treated to another shocking turn. Let's keep following the events and I will keep you updated on these events on this specific blog.