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Martyrdom over Namugongo waters
Edna Namara
Posted: 9 months 3 weeks

Wailings filled the morning


Of a buffet of human offerings

When sorrowful cries

And smoke-smothered barbeque

And angry fire tongues

Told of how Mwanga

Had been wronged by a crop of

Sun-burned long-nosed men

Planting their God in his land


Fire tongues nibbled at men

It was the menu of the day

Mwanga sick with rage 

Stoked embers

That deflated their chest chambers

Through Mukaajanga

He watched their flesh burn

He watched them turn to ash

He witnessed their souls wafting

To a world beyond this realm


In a smoke jet

Their souls curled to heaven

The fools, the king mused

How you die for a god you will never see!

Poor soul, the martyrs prayed,

How you fight for a world you will never own


How you fight for a world you will never own.


About the Author: Edna Namara Weijahe works with Uganda Female Writers Association (FEMRITE)