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Random five with Aggie Asiimwe Konde
Josephine Karungi
Posted: 2 weeks 4 days

Exactly a year ago, when Perspective With Josephine Karungi started, Aggie Asiimwe Konde was the MD of NTV Uganda at the time. She was very instrumental in bringing what was just an idea to what viewers now watch every Sunday night.

We asked this, our constant woman crush, and inspiration a few random questions:

JK: If you had USD 5m, what would you do with it?

Aggie: I would use it as seed money to start an innovations fund and attract African Philanthropists to invest more and fund African inspired innovations that would solve Africa’s/East Africa’s social economic basic problems.

JK: Pick a ministerial post and tell us how you would use that office to better the country.

Aggie: Office of the Prime Minister. I would introduce a new mandatory levy in which every profitable organisation would contribute a 1-5% margin to solving Uganda’s social problems to bottom of the pyramid citizens. (Specific to the environment, healthcare, education, and nutrition). I would adopt blockchain technologies and tap into the new revenue streams of the future.

JK: What changes should be made to our education system?

Aggie: Overhaul our current syllabus and introduce basic financial literacy at primary level in one local language (adopt Swahili) and change mindset to technical institutions rather than Universities. Train and skill the population for the best fit and not just a degree just for the sake.

JK: What are you doing to make the world a better place?

Aggie: At a personal level, I am launching “From Motivation to Action” a place where ‘Blue Ocean Shift’ will be applied to struggling enterprises. (Coming Soon)

At a corporate level, Msigi, -where I'm CEO, is focused on developing 2-3 industries of the future and create jobs in an inclusive and sustainable manner for East Africa. This is an exciting journey that keeps me awake at night.

As a mother, I am doing my best to raise girls with very independent minds.


JK: Do you like the show #PWJK? Why or why not?

Aggie: I love what this show has made of the host and the people whose stories you have enabled us to hear. Press for progress and continue to tell the stories