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Random five with Patricia Kigula
Josephine Karungi
Posted: 2 weeks 4 days

NTV show, Perspective With Josephine Karungi made one year this month on 5th. Ahead of women's day on Thursday, the show is celebrating women on social media.


Patricia Kigula also known as Patra is the ever-present darling that handles ours and NTV Uganda's social media. Here is how our short random interview with her went.

JK: What do you like the most about being a woman?

Patra: Being able to do things that society convinced me for the longest time that I couldn't do because I am a woman.

JK: Which woman/women inspire you?

Patra: Women who don't have the opportunities or privileges I have and yet they trudge on, women who celebrate other women, women fighting for other women- at the forefront of the war for equal opportunities for women, women doing amazing things for themselves... I could go on for a lifetime

JK: What would you do for other women if you had all the resources you needed and had absolutely no hinderance?

Patra: Move us all to Wonder Woman's planet ... I've been thinking of how to mentor young women and girls... I recently started my own web show BLACK, NO SUGAR where unapologetic young women like myself are having conversations that challenge the narrative but also pushing to inform the intellect of young people and the society in which we exist. I hope that these conversations will ultimately sprout into safer spaces, equal opportunities and more for women in Uganda

JK: What would you like to do to change the world around you?

Patra: Use my space, my opportunities, my networks, my talent, my skills, what I know, to create inclusive spaces for women...I'm on that journey every day

JK: Kikomando or Rolex?

Patra: Lately, I love me a good bowl of creamy chicken soup