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Random five with Rachel Mwine
Josephine Karungi
Posted: 2 weeks 3 days

Rachel Mwine is the woman putting this show together -figuring out the conversations that must be had and who to have them, making sure the show happens!

We had her answer a few random questions

JK: What will your generations good old days be?

Rach: Women speaking up for each other, black panther and Natural hair. Wakanda Forever...does the hands moving round her body to the side dance.


JK: What do you think about breastfeeding?

Rach: It is the most intimate relationship a mother can have with her child. Its God ordained, its natural, its beautiful, it almost can't be put in words, you have to experience it yourself. It's that love that's tangible.


JK: If you ruled your own country, which woman would you ask to write it’s a national anthem?

Rach: Juliana Kanyomozi. Among the artists we see and follow she is one of those that has remained positive, she is a model, someone you can look up to and aspire to be.


JK: What frustrates you the most about being a woman?

Rach: The fact that the world thinks women are vulnerable and as such treats us that way. so you have people feeling sorry for women and passing over opportunities because we are “delicate”


JK: If you had USD 5m what would you do with it?

Rach: That's a hard one.