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Uganda national roads authority to construct 600 kilometres of 'Oil' roads
UNRA projects that they will have finished the “critical oil roads” as they have been referred to, by 2020. A team from the Uganda National Roads Authority led by the Executive Director Allen Kagina toured and inspected the critical oil roads.

Hoima Town, labelled the oil city, is the hub in the centre of the districts in the Albertine region which bear Uganda’s black gold, or oil.

But what good is it to Uganda if there is no proper road network to connect the oil districts to the rest of the region before the year 2020.

It is for this reason that the Uganda National Roads Authority has embarked on the construction of 600km of road that will connect the rest of Uganda to the oil districts- mainly Hoima and Buliisa.

UNRA Executive Director Allen Kagina says that the project, expected to cost 600 million dollars with a loan from Exim Bank of China, will see the construction of 10 critical oil roads and some bridges. 

As you travel to Hoima and Buliisa, it is evident that work is in the process with excavators on ground and widening of the roads in progress.


UNRA also reveals that the speed at which they will work, to ensure that the roads are ready by 2019 (or is it 2020) will not compromise the quality.

Other critical points of construction include the improvement of bridges to carry the trucks along the route.

The weight to be carried by the trucks loaded with materials that will be used in boosting oil exploration is estimated to be eight million tonnes in just Buliisa, which is blessed with 70% of Uganda’s oil.

Another 85km stretch will run from Hoima through Kabwoya to Buhuka parish where the Kingfisher Oil production area under CNOOC is located. 

It is estimated that three Million Tonnes worth of equipment will be transported to the Kingfisher oil Site.

The other critical road will run from the Kingfisher Oil site through Kaseeta and Lwera up to Kabaale where the proposed Refinery, Pipeline and Airport will be built.