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IGG Mulyagonja signs memorandum of understanding with danish counterpart
The ceremony took place in the office of the inspectorate of government in Kampala.

The Inspectorate of Government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Danish Ombudsman in an effort to train and offer Study opportunities for IGG officials.

Danish Ombudsman Jorgen Sorensen says the effort is to learn from each other.

While interacting with Sorensen, officials from the Inspectorate of Government expressed challenges that affect their work at the inspectorate of government.

Mr Sorensen expects that public bodies have well-developed complaints handling procedure where faults are identified and the public body should correct this to ensure those mistakes don't reoccur.

Majority of the complaints filed at the IGG consist of failure to deliver services which could be addressed at regional offices.

it is here that the IGG prefers the focus on anti-corruption cases should be.

Inspector General of Government Justice Irene Mulyagonja says the highest number of cases are no payment of pensions and salaries.