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Two Chinese women murdered in Makerere-Kikoni
The women were found murdered inside a rented house in Makerere-Kikoni on Wednesday morning.

The bodies of two Chinese women have been found in a house in the Kampala suburb of Makerere-Kikoni.

The bodies, which were in the early stages of decomposition, were found in a rented property in Kikoni on Wednesday morning. The women were found with stab wounds, which has led the police to deduce that they must have been murdered. Preliminary investigations indicate the murder could have taken place over the weekend.

The deceased, who have been identified as 34 year old San Weng, an employee at a Chinese restaurant in Bugolobi; and 33 year old Ren Ju, who worked at Club Seven in Kabalagala; were reported missing by officials of the Chinese embassy on Saturday 11th February.

Police have  arrested a special hire taxi driver as investigations into the murder begin. The police say the special hire driver was seen dropping off a Chinese man outside the house in which the murders are believed to have been committed. The, as yet unidentfied, Chinese man who is said to have been renting the house is now considered the prime suspect. 

IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura, who visited the crime scene on Wednesday morning, said investigations are being conducted with help from officials of the Chinese embassy in Kampala. Some of the Chinese embassy officials accompanied Gen. Kayihura to the crime scene.

While talking to the media at the scene, Gen. Kayihura called on citizens to be vigilant and embrace community policing in order to make it easier to identify and track down people who commit crimes within the commuity. He was responding to the revelations that nobody knew that the building in which the bodies were found had been converted from a church to a residence and nobody had any idea who was occupying it.