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MP Magyezi wants MPs opposed to agelimit bill removed from legal affairs committee
Magyezi says many of the members on the committee are opposition MPs who will not give the bill fair treatment.

The Complaints against the composition of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee have sprung up even before it starts scrutinizing the Constitutional Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2017 which seeks among other things, to amend the presidential age limit of 75.

The mover of the bill, Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi says the committee is already biased and should be reconstituted.Magyezi argues that most of the opposition members on the committee will not give him a fair hearing.His statement follows the committee’s decision last week to refuse Kyaka South MP Jackson Kafuzi who seconded the motion, and who is also a member of the committee, from giving submissions as they scrutinize the Bill.MPs who are against amending Article 102 (b) are contemplating whether to attend sittings when the committee starts its work on 31st October.Opposition chief whip Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda says they have tasked the shadow Attorney General to review the legality of the committee’s work before submitting anything to it.Meanwhile, legislators opposed to the bill will embark on joint nationwide consultations this Friday, starting with Kampala and Wakiso districts.Ssemujju says they have notified the police and expect no interference.Parliament is expected to give each MP 20 million shillings for consultations in their constituencies. The opposition says they will not take the money.