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Luweero man who reportedly kidnapped his neighbours' kids, arrested in Masindi
Charles Ayesiga who allegedly kidnapped his neighbour’s twins on Monday was arrested from a hotel where he had kept the children as he demanded for a 13 million shilling ransom. Ayesiga claims that he needed the 13 million shillings to pay school fees for his girlfriend.

On Wednesday evening, the NTV Luganda news broadcast at 7:00 pm highlighted the plight of Ssalongo Juma Nsereko and his wife Suzan Nakaggwa of Mabaale village in Luweero town.The couple's five-year-old twins had been kidnapped and a neighbour was the main suspect. The kidnapper had asked the parents for a ransom of 13 million shillings or else they lose the children. 


It was a huge sigh of relief for the desperate parents when the main suspects Charles Ayesiga who had changed his name to Julius Kisembo was arrested late on Wednesday night from Masindi, his home area.According to Police, the suspect was picked up as he watched the NTV Akawungeezi 7 pm news bulletin at Masindi Guest House.

Some people noticed that the faces of the missing children in the NTV story were similar to the children Ayesiga was seated with. 


The staff at the Guest House immediately alerted the police. 

Fortunately, detectives had already surrounded the area using the GPS technology which they had used to track the suspected kidnapper as he made calls on phone demanding the ransom.Ayesiga claims that he needed the 13 million shillings to pay school fees for his girlfriend.


The mother of the twins Suzan Nakaggwa says she had neither eaten or slept since Monday when the children were kidnapped. Ayesiga was a neigbour to the couple and was friendly to the twins.Savannah Region Police Commander Edward Kyaligonza says the suspect will be charged with of kidnap with intent to murder, a criminal offence which attracts the maximum sentence of life imprisonment on conviction.   

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