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Parliament’s legal committee meets president over the age limit bill
A section of members of Parliament from the legal committee have decided to stay behind and not go to the State house to meet President Museveni. The MPs also disagree with the communication that there's no money to carry out consultation

As members of parliament on the legal and parliamentary affairs committee set off this morning to go and meet the president, a section of lawmakers mostly from the Opposition refused and stressed how they won't attend the consultative meeting with President Museveni.  

The members also held a press briefing at Parliament where they explained their reasons.

The MP's argument was that there is money despite the fact that yesterday the chairman told NTV that they don't have money for consultations.

Another reason was that some of the MP's were not present for the meeting rendering the process of starting to write the report would be in bad faith.

The MPs say the NRM chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa is trying to tilt the outcome of the report by adding new members at the last moment.

However, the vice chair of the committee Robinah Rwabwogo noted that this was already in the plan.

Later in the afternoon the MP's that had accepted boarded the bus here at Parliament amidst tight security to go and meet the president at state house Entebbe.