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What could the transfer of Maj. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba from active military service mean?
The transfer of Major General Muhoozi Kainerugaba from Commander of the Special Forces Command to senior presidential adviser has increased suspicion of an alleged plan by the president to groom his son to succeed him.

The transfer of the President’s son, Major General Muhoozi Kainerugaba from Commander of the Special Forces Command to Senior Presidential Adviser for Special Operations, has raised suspicion among some political commentators about an alleged plan by the president to groom his son to succeed him. 

The President’s son, Major General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, is an army officer who has risen through the ranks faster than many others. In May last year, the president promoted him from the rank of Brigadier to Major General. He was also appointed the Commander of the Special Forces Command-an elite unit that provides security for the president, VIPs and vital installations.

In the latest army promotions, Major General Kainerugaba was not promoted but he was appointed a senior presidential advisor for special operations.

Dr Kakungulu Mayambala, a Makerere university law don, believes Muhoozi’s new posting is a move by the president to position his son to succeed him.

Dr Mayambala’s view is shared by veteran journalist and media owner Andrew Mwenda. But Mwenda has taken issue with the president’s choice of position he offered his son. Mwenda believes that Muhoozi could have been better placed if he had been appointed a minister of defence. 

In 2013, the former Coordinator of Intelligence Services, General David Sejusa, wrote a dossier about an alleged plan to sideline senior officials opposed to what he called the “Muhoozi Project” Sejusa claimed the the President was grooming his son to succeed him.

Opposition politician David Pulkol who is a former chief spy argues that the president is trying to shield his son from public criticism. Pulkol believes that Muhoozi was appointed as a special adviser with no specific roles because the president wants to keep him close and also have leeway to assign him duties in diverse fields.

Pulkol believes Maj. Gen. Muhoozi will still be calling the shots in the army behind the scenes in his new position of Presidential Adviser for Special Operations.


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