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LC candidates present agenda to electorate

As the day for the local Council chairperson's elections draws closer, candidates are making promises to the people in their villages to get votes.

Some have pledged to lobby from rich people, raise funds from saccos while, others hope to use KCCA funds to fulfill the promises they have made to residents. 

43 year old David Wasiya persuaded residents of Mutungo parish zone 11 to vote for him by personally distributing leaflets.

Wasiya says that he is a poor man and the Democratic party (DP) has supported him in his endeavours to become an LC chairperson. 

"I hope the DP party will do more for me", he said.

In Kyengera Wakimese zone, 4 candidates are vying for the position of LC Chairperson. the job is a voluntary one and offers no form of payment.

However, residents believe it is lucrative and they are calling upon their upcoming chairpersons to provide accountability for funds they get for passport recommendation letters and land plots commissions.

The election for village chairpersons at the grassroots is slated to take place on 21st  November after a 15-year break without polls and many of the local residents are hoping that it would be for the better.