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Man generates electricity using improvised machine
He can generate electricity that powers a 42 inch television set and over 20 bulbs in his home by mere peddling his make-shift electricity generator

John Kibuuka lives in Najjanankumbi a suburb in Kampala off Entebbe road.

In his dining room, stands Johnie Multi-Purpose Function (MPF) a versatile machine which can pump water, generate electricity and also be used as gym equipment.

The machine has peddles that resemble those of bicycles fitted by prime movers.

The prime movers are connected to a pulley which rotates the alternator that generates power.

The power is stored in the power box which has batteries, and an inverter helps convert the generated power into Alternating Current.

When you peddle for only 3 minutes you can produce electricity enough to power a 42 inch TV and 20 bulbs of 20 watts which translates into 400 watts which can run for 2.45 minutes. And peddling is as easy as water flowing under the bridge.

After three minutes of peddling, we switched off the electricity supply from Umeme. The current from the Johnie Multi-Purpose Function machine was later connected. And it powered all the lights and a TV.

The machine also pumps water and it is ideal for irrigation.

A belt is connected to a pump which sucks water from a source and pumps it to about 30 meters.

Unlike the power generator compartment, pumping water needs continuous peddling.

I asked Kibuuka who has electronic engineering knowledge about what inspired him to come up with such technology.

It took him three weeks to put together an idea he conceived in 2004. He, however, faces some challenges.

The machine costs 3.5 million shillings without the batteries yet it is one of the cleanest reliable energy sources.