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Police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi shot dead
Police Spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi has been shot dead outside his home in Kulambiro, a Kampala suburb.

Police spokesman Andrew Felix Kaweesi who was also the director of human resource development has been gruesomely murdered near his home in Kulambiro, a Kampala suburb. 

Kaweesi's officials car was sprayed with a hail of bullets by unknown assailants early Friday morning and the assailants only fled after ascertaining that their victims were dead. Eye witnesses say that Kaweesi's official car was shot at by people riding on a motorcycle as it was leaving his residence.

All occupants of the car, including Kawees's driver, Godfrey Mambewa, and bodyguard, Corporal Kenneth Erau, died instantly.

The area around where Kaweesi has been cordoned off as an active crime scene and the police is maintaining a media silence so details coming through official sources are scanty.

Kaweesi's body was later taken to Mulago hospital mortuary where a postmortem is to be carried out.In the meantime, the site of the shooting remains a beehive of activity as different senior police officers and other security agents arrive to take stock of the situation.