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Minister Kahinda Otafire urges striking prosecutors to return to work
According to their demands, the lowest officer should be paid at least 3.6 million and their boss the DPP paid 27 million

Minister for justice and constitutional affairs General Kahinda Otafiire has called for a meeting with the finance and public service ministries tomorrow to respond to the demands of state prosecutors who resumed industrial action.

In an interview with NTV, General Otafiire urged prosecutors to go back to work as government awaits for the salary review commision to meet and work out the discrepancies in salaries for all public workers.

The minister's advice comes on the heels of the state prosecutors strike on Tuesday. 

Otafiire says considerations were being made to include all civil servants. But currently, there is no money to meet their demands........

The government had earlier agreed to meet their demands which included salary increments and lowering taxes on their salaries.

According to the prosecutors, the government was meant to pay their salaries arrears with subsidized taxes before the October deadline something which did not happen...

Otafiire implored the prosecutors to get back to work.


The prosecutors are demanding for better pay and working conditions.

According to their demands, the lowest officer should be paid at least  3.6 million and the highest official, the DPP 27 million