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Even if you send me an MP who just sleeps its ok - President Museveni tells Jinja voters
Museveni told NRM supporters that an ailing or even sleepy NRM MP who votes for NRM programs is better that an active opposition legislator

Hundreds of the ruling National Resistance Movement supporters converged in Masese Division as the party flag bearer in the Jinja East by-election Nathan Igeme Nabeta held his final campaign rally.

Even the heavy downpour did not deter the NRM supporters form waiting for their candidate and national party chairman President Yoweri Museveni to address them.

The crowds were kept entertained by several musicians.


President Museveni arrived after 4 pm

His message to the party supporters was - vote only leaders who support government programs.

Museveni told voters that even if they elect an ailing or sleeping NRM MP who can only vote for NRM programs he or she is better than an active opposition legislator.


Apart from reminding the voters of the peace brought by hisgovernment, Museveni highlighted some of the infrastructural projects soon to be started in Busoga region.

The president also warned those with small pieces of land againstventuring into sugar cane growing.