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Added: 3 years 5 months ago
Money Matters: Prospering with flowers, Human resources challenges and Opportunities in Tourism
-Interview with Francois Rafin, General Manager Total Uganda. Making it in the local flower business. Overcoming the low productivity challenges of Uganda's human resources. Highlighting the opportunities in the tourism sector. Original Vs Fake/Duplicate phones.

Money Matters interviews Francois Rafin, General Manager Total Uganda (Exploration and Production), on Total's involvement in the Ugandan Oil  Sector.

Harriet Ssali, a small scale flower grower in Wakiso district, shows that it is possible to prosper from growing and selling flowers for the local market.

Human rsources experts discuss the implications of a report that the average productivity of Ugandan workers is low.

Tourism sector actors highlight some of the opportunities available in the tourism sector.

Consumer Insight gives some tips on how one can differentiate between an original and a fake/duplicate/replica phone.