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Stella Nante


About me..

Stella Nante is known for her role as "Jackie" in DECEPTION. Monica's friend and Chris' baby mama.

Stella has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Skills and has been acting since way back in school where she participated in drama and interact clubs till University.

Professionally, she started acting in 2011 while at KIBO foundation when her tutor introduced her to one of the film companies -Talent Africa Films. Due to her discipline, hard work and outstanding Talent, she was given lead roles in Be My Wife, Disparity, My Brother's Spirit and others.

From Talent Africa Films she joined Swords Empire Productions where she took on a lead role in Like A Rose, a movie based on a Health Campaign to fight HIV/AIDS.

In 2013, she joined NTV Uganda in the award winning drama series called DECEPTION taking on the role of "Jackie".

While at NTV, she has participated in a couple of projects like the NTV Kids Talent Search as one of the judges, among other projects.

To date, Stella is working on different projects specifically investing money in a number of personal businesses like livestock farming and poultry.